What is website analytics?

Website analytics is the study of your website statistics, and it looks into:

  • The geographical location of your visitors
  • Which browser they are using
  • How they arrived at your website
  • What keywords they used if they were directed to your website from a search engine
  • What pages did they look at
  • How long they spent on your website
  • Which page did they views last before they left
  • How often did they come back to your website

You may have heard of Google Analytics,  a website analytics tool by Google. Google Analytics has become the standard in website analytics tools. It is the most commonly used and definitely one of the most robust and powerful analytics tools available. Google Analytics is free and is supported by Website.com. All you need to do is signup for a Google Analytics account and copy and paste the provided tracking URL into your Website.com dashboard.

Google Analytics

But if you are new to website statistics, the amount of data you get from Google Analytics can be overwhelming.

To make it easier for you to track your website statistics, Website.com has a website analytics tool built into your account dashboard. 

Where to find your Website.com website analytics tool

website.com analytics tools

You will find your website analytics tool built into your Website.com account dashboard. 

Understanding your Website.com web analytics tool

While the Website.com Analytics Tools is a simplified version of Google Analytics, it is quite comprehensive data on your site visitors, traffic, page views and other basic website statistics information.

website.com website statistics tool

Data is collected in real-time and if you prefer, you can print and export your website stats for advanced analytics with a third-party analytics tool. 

website.com website statistics download

You can go to our online Knowledgebase for more information on your Website.com website analytics tool, including how to generate, export and read your website statistics report.