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Radiance Digital Marketing Agency
Kove Online Learning
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Ashworth Photography Studio
Oleander Landscaping
Relax Wellness Spa
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Mainland Animal Sanctuary
Memento Wedding Photography
Evresta Creative Media
Mainland Coffee Bar
SoGood Vegan Catering
Fjord Landscapers
Enfold Real Estate Group
Estrada Consulting
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Panforte Italian Cafe & Bakery
Revolve Life Coaching
Playdate Children's Daycare
Acoste Interior Design
Strongbank Financial
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Mainland Counselling Center
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Conway Construction & Renovations
Geoscape Landscaping
Restore Wellness Spa
Kaufman Children's Foundation
Neptune Hair Studio
Everett Cleaning Services
Serenity Womens Wellness Clinic
Corina Lawrence Notary Public
Magnolia Wedding & Event Photography
Aspire Creative Studio
Sakana Sushi Bar
Mainland Dog Walker
Mainland Home Inspection
Tiny Ones Childcare
Chambray Online Tutoring
Brightside Life Coaching
Rosario Landscaping
Transform Life Coaching
Delizioso Italian Kitchen
Mainland Personal Training
Mainland Interior Design
Pet Paws Animal Rescue
The Mainland Insider
Honeyclover Bakery
Beaudry Foundation
Grain Vegan Market
Perpetual Automotive
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Dream Vacation Resort
Harmonie Event Planning
Crosswind Fitness
Sunshine Daycare
Bonito French-Japanese Fusion Eatery
Smile Dental Mainland
Mainland Divine Church
Cosmos Creative Agency
Debora Blackwell Notary Public
Colton Browning Notary Public
Mainland Notary Public
Revolution Investments
Drift Photography
Glimmer Financial Group
Mariko Dessert Cafe
Fortuna Life Coaching
Shift Interior Design
Evercast Family Counselling
Midnight Snack Pop-Up Event
Olivetti Italian Caffe
Octavio Financial Consulting
Ultimate Life Coaching
Healing Hands Massage Therapy
Lucky Pet Adoption
Strategic Consulting
Mainland Children's Foundation
Dawn Community Center
HFW Women's Center
Sweet Mochi Cafe
Fountain Legal Group
Nestling Children's Charity
Furry Friends Grooming
Skyeco Spa & Massage
Hatori Sushi Bar
Cleo Online Education
Decorum Magazine
Caley Peace Jewelry
Curate Thrift Shop
Firstglow Skincare
Coco Children's Apparel
Whimsey Gift Shop
Chromatic Lifestyle Shop
Pendwell Appliances Ltd
Knit & Purl Craft Market
Fiora Lifestyle Shop
Minstrel Bouquets
Satruna Clothing
The Drive-In: A Movie Blog
The Bookish Writer Blog
Johnathon Barnett Composer
Florence Owen Art
Drift Photography
Perfect Plate Food Blog
Artist Timothy Walker
Amber Williams Artist
Author Leona Williams
Artist Candace Miller
Artiste Lucette Masson
Óscar Bartoli Fotografia
Jennifer Zhao Portfolio
Jonathan Miller Photography
Jasmine Davis Portfolio
Myles Valentine Portfolio
Marjorie Bennett Portfolio
Kameron Carter Portfolio
Armaan Dhaliwal Portfolio
Katelyn Stewart Portfolio
Maya Lee Portfolio
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Mandy Goodwin Portfolio
Grace & Wilson's Wedding
Sarah's Birthday
Mainland Farmer's Market
Lynn's Baby Shower
August Skies Band
Pyrott Business Conference
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Douglas Home Realty
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Midnight Snack Pop-Up Event
Canteen Catering
Levi Voss Singer
Buena Vista Showroom
Radiance Digital Marketing Agency
Artiste Lucette Masson
Óscar Bartoli Fotografia
Memento Wedding Photography
Bravira Interior Design
Skylar Auto Rentals
Harrison Event Planning
Mainland Resorts
Neptune Hair Studio
Magnolia Wedding & Event Photography
Aspire Creative Studio
Sakana Sushi Bar
Chambray Online Tutoring
Rosario Landscaping
  • What are website templates?

    Website templates are designer-made website layouts that you can customize with your own website content. Add your own logos, text and images, or add stock photos from our copyright free image library. Templates make it easy to create a professional, stunning website without any experience or design knowledge. Whether you need a personal website, or one for your business, our templates can help you turn your website idea into a reality.

  • Can I change images and text on the website templates?

    Our website templates are completely customizable. Feel free to change the text, upload images, use free stock images from our library, modify colors, and even reformat the layout! Customize as much or as little as you like - regardless of design experience, you can achieve a beautiful and professional website.

  • As a former WordPress user, I've noticed that many premium themes required an additional purchase. Are there any extra charges to use templates with Website.com?

    Our website builder templates come free with all plans! Start with a designer website builder template and just add your own content. With the Website.com website builder, you can easily choose different layouts to drastically change the look of your website design.

  • Many Wordpress themes require security updates on a regular basis. Will I need to frequently update my website templates or website for security with Website.com?

    We take care of all the security updates for you! Plus, our proprietary website builder templates are designed in-house, and are meant to be used exclusively with our website builder. This means we're able to oversee security updates, and no action is required on your end.

  • Is the site builder useful if I'm a web designer or advanced webmaster?

    Yes! Our site builder is extremely easy to use, but our professional users love that our tools save them time and effort, while allowing them to create a cutting edge web design.

  • Can I create a mobile website?

    Absolutely! All of our website designs are responsive, so they are always optimized for mobile and tablet viewing. Don't miss out on any potential visitors, no matter if they visit you website on desktop, mobile or tablet.

  • Are there any restrictions for using images from your stock image library?

    Explore our royalty-free stock image library, included with all Website.com plans. We've purchased the rights for thousands of stock images, so that you don't have to! Use them freely on your website, without restrictions. Premium images are included with Elite plans and above.

  • Do I need to purchase an additional web hosting package to use your website templates?

    Our website builder templates come free with all plans, including free plans! All of our Website.com plans include hosting, so you can get online and be seen entirely for free.

  • What if I can't find a design for my industry?

    With just a few customizations, you can take any Website.com template and make it your own! Have no fear if you don't see a design that appears to be strictly for your business. Feel free to change the text, upload images, use free stock images from our library, modify colors, and even reformat the layout.