Adding social sharing buttons 

When you browse in the template library, you will see that many website templates come with social icons by default. 

socials icons in website templates 

For templates that don’t come with default social icons, or if you want to add additional icons to your website, adding social sharing buttons to your website is easy with the built-in social sharing widgets.

adding social media icons 

Adding a social links bar

You can add individual sharing buttons, or you can also add a social link bar. The major benefit of adding a social link bar instead of social sharing buttons individually is that the buttons are automatically aligned on the link bar, whereas if you add the buttons individually, you will have to manually align them on your web page.

By default, the social link bar displays the sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google +1, the most popular social media websites. But you can also enable more buttons as you need – the Social Link Bar widget comes with icons for 14 different social sharing websites. social link bar 

You can even customize the bar layout, and button style and color.

social link bar customization 

The best place for your social sharing buttons

Ideally, you should include your sharing buttons “above the fold” on your website – in other words, it should be visible as soon as a visitor comes loads your web page.  

If you are adding social sharing buttons on your blog, it’s best to add them at the end of your blog posts – this gives your visitors a chance to read your post before they click on the share button(s).