Adding images to your website

The most commonly used tool is the individual image element. This tool allows you to add a single image onto your web page.

 adding images

There are several ways to add a photo. The most direct way is to upload the image from your computer, which can be done by clicking on the Upload button or by dragging an image into the image uploader. 

If you have uploaded an image previously and want to use it again, you will find the image listed in the My Images library. image uploader 

Once you have uploaded your image and added it to your web page, you can drag it to the desired location on the page. Images can also be re-sized freely by dragging the image handlers (or corners and edges).

resize images Stock Image Library

The other way to add an image to your web page is by selecting an image from the Stock Image library. stock image library

The Stock Image library houses thousands of professional, high-quality images that you can use on your website.

Image editing options

Once the image has been added to your web page, you can click on it to open the Image menu for further customizations, including pan & zoom and rotate the image.

image settings 

pan and zoom   

You can also customize the image’s style, including caption layouts, caption font style, image border and shadow options.

image captions 

image border     

image shadow