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Add text anywhere on your web page simply by dragging and dropping it into the desired location. Customize your text content and appearance, and easily add underlines, italics, spacing, and more.

Font Styles

Choose fonts that enhance your brand, and customize with different sizes, font weights, colors, and more.

Font Presets

Select a designer-made font combination preset, or create your own to quickly keep font styles consistent across your design.

Interactive Cards

Build key areas of your website with interactive cards, including sliders, testimonial, etc. Cards incorporate images, text, and user-motivated animated effects to encourage engagement and keep your site up to trend.

Mobile Editor

Don't miss out on visitors or potential customers when you make a mobile-friendly version of your website, optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Designer Templates

Choose from hundreds of designer-made, fully customizable templates. Our in-house designers continually add new designs to keep things fresh and cutting edge.

Colour Strip

Create a full-width colour strip as a beautiful hero background, to create impact, or as a divider on your site. Or, create a colour overlay on images by changing the opacity for a striking impact.

Pattern Strip

Add a full-width colour strip to create a distinct section on your site, or as a unique background.


Enhance your brand identity with a custom favicon that appears on the browser tab when your website is being visited.

Customizable Header

Customize your site header by adding your logo, site title, or even change your site menu design.

Customizable Footer

Add your site credit, text, social media icons, or anything you like to your fully customizable footer.

Customizable Menu Bar

Use the menu bar that comes with your template, or easily choose another design and tweak the fonts, sizes, spacing, and layout to your exact preferences.

Anchor Link

Help users navigate to a specific area on your website. Add anchor links to buttons or texts to take users to an important part of the webpage, or use anchor links to create a beautiful one-pager website.

One-Pager Sites

Create a single page website for clean navigation and a modern feel. Organize your content into sections instead of distinct pages, and use anchor links for a sleek user experience.


Choose from a library of icons to highlight areas of your website, or add some flair. You can even animate icons to grab attention, or just to add a fun touch.


Boxes and circles
Customize the corners, borders, and shadows


Add horizontal lines to divide your web page into sections, or add vertical lines to differentiate areas or rows on your site.

Chat Bubble

Add a chat bubble as an exciting way to showcase testimonials or quotes on your website.

Color Scheme

No time to custom design your site's color scheme? Just choose a designer-made custom color scheme, and click to apply it to your entire website! Or create your own custom color scheme, for a quick way to maintain consistency for your design.

Page Transitions

Enhance the user experience on your website by adding animated page navigation effects when they explore pages within your website.


Choose from multiple premade button designs, or create your own custom button with different colors, fonts, sizing, shadow, hover effects, and more. Link to pages within your site, or to external websites.

FAQ Element

Easily add an FAQ section anywhere on your website, and answer your visitors' most commonly asked questions.

Custom Page Backgrounds

Customize each web page background with different colours, images, or styles to make each page feel unique.

Custom Font Uploads

Can't find the font you want in our editor? Upload your own fonts! Achieve the look you want, solidify your brand, and stand out from the crowd.

* Feature availability are subject to your subscription plan.

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