Website Templates

All of our templates are fully customizable – you can change the layout, fonts, colors, backgrounds and buttons. You can also add your own logo and images.

Customizable Site Colors and Styles

Your website is made up of elements: header, menu, content and footer. Each element is completely customizable, allowing you to add text, images, links, multimedia or apps as you wish.

Customizable Site Header and Footer

Generally, the header holds your site title, description and company logo. Standard footers usually contain the website copyright information, legal links (such as your privacy policy) and other site links (such as a site link).

But there is a lot you can do with your website header and footer. You can add:
  • Twitter updates
  • Contact information
  • Social media buttons: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Mailchimp Newsletter signup
All these elements are customizable – you can move, remove, resize and edit these elements.

Customizable Navigation Menu Bar Colors and Styles

Changing font style, size and color
Adding opacity effects to (transparency)
Changing link colors
Professional Website in 3 Easy Steps:
  • 1. Select Template
  • 2. Customize
  • 3. Publish