Website Builder Features

Explore website builder tools to make your successful website.

Design Tools


Add text anywhere on your web page simply by dragging and dropping it into the desired location. Customize your text content and appearance, and easily add underlines, italics, spacing, and more.

Font Styles

Choose fonts that enhance your brand, and customize with different sizes, font weights, colors, and more.

Font Presets

Select a designer-made font combination preset, or create your own to quickly keep font styles consistent across your design.

Interactive Cards

Build key areas of your website with interactive cards, including sliders, testimonial, etc. Cards incorporate images, text, and user-motivated animated effects to encourage engagement and keep your site up to trend.

Mobile Editor

Don't miss out on visitors or potential customers when you make a mobile-friendly version of your website, optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Designer Templates

Choose from hundreds of designer-made, fully customizable templates. Our in-house designers continually add new designs to keep things fresh and cutting edge.

Colour Strip

Create a full-width colour strip as a beautiful hero background, to create impact, or as a divider on your site. Or, create a colour overlay on images by changing the opacity for a striking impact.

Pattern Strip

Add a full-width colour strip to create a distinct section on your site, or as a unique background.


Enhance your brand identity with a custom favicon that appears on the browser tab when your website is being visited.

Customizable Header

Customize your site header by adding your logo, site title, or even change your site menu design.

Customizable Footer

Add your site credit, text, social media icons, or anything you like to your fully customizable footer.

Customizable Menu Bar

Use the menu bar that comes with your template, or easily choose another design and tweak the fonts, sizes, spacing, and layout to your exact preferences.

Anchor Link

Help users navigate to a specific area on your website. Add anchor links to buttons or texts to take users to an important part of the webpage, or use anchor links to create a beautiful one-pager website.

One-Pager Sites

Create a single page website for clean navigation and a modern feel. Organize your content into sections instead of distinct pages, and use anchor links for a sleek user experience.


Choose from a library of icons to highlight areas of your website, or add some flair. You can even animate icons to grab attention, or just to add a fun touch.


Boxes and circles
Customize the corners, borders, and shadows


Add horizontal lines to divide your web page into sections, or add vertical lines to differentiate areas or rows on your site.

Chat Bubble

Add a chat bubble as an exciting way to showcase testimonials or quotes on your website.

Color Scheme

No time to custom design your site's color scheme? Just choose a designer-made custom color scheme, and click to apply it to your entire website! Or create your own custom color scheme, for a quick way to maintain consistency for your design.

Page Transitions

Enhance the user experience on your website by adding animated page navigation effects when they explore pages within your website.


Choose from multiple premade button designs, or create your own custom button with different colors, fonts, sizing, shadow, hover effects, and more. Link to pages within your site, or to external websites.

FAQ Element

Easily add an FAQ section anywhere on your website, and answer your visitors' most commonly asked questions.

Custom Page Backgrounds

Customize each web page background with different colours, images, or styles to make each page feel unique.

Custom Font Uploads

Can't find the font you want in our editor? Upload your own fonts! Achieve the look you want, solidify your brand, and stand out from the crowd.

Using The Website Builder

Drag and Drop

If you can point and click, then you can create a stunning and professional website. No coding experience needed.

Click To Publish

Easily get your website online with a simple click - and have your site ready for the world to see.

Show On All Pages

For each element, you can choose to show an element (e.g. logo, contact form, etc.) on all of your web pages. Save time, as you won't need to keep adding the element to each page.

Clone Page

Duplicate a website page, and use its design and layout for another page on your website.

Copy and Paste

Build your site even faster and keep consistent styling by duplicating web elements on your site.

Maintenance Mode

Take your website offline so you can easily make design and content changes.

Grid Guide

You can choose to show a grid so you can precisely align your elements.

Alignment Guide

Enable the alignment guide to automatically line up elements when you move them around.


Use Your Own Photos

Just upload your own photos, and use them in a gallery, on its own, or even as a background.

Stock Photos

Don't want to use your own photos? Choose from thousands of copyright free images - free for your use!

Photo Galleries

Multiple photo gallery layouts mean you can display your images in the way that best suits your website. Whether you need a uniform grid style, an eclectic masonry layout, or slideshow, the options are yours for the taking.

Image Strip

Use a full-width image strip as a hero banner, background, or to create a beautiful divider for your site.

Manage Files

Store all files uploaded to your account in your File Manager for easy access and management. You can even perform bulk actions, such as moving multiple files to the trash.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Icon Bar

Add a beautiful row of social media icons of your choice, allowing visitors to easily visit and follow your social media profiles with a single click.


Easily connect your Facebook account and add a Facebook Like or Facebook Share button to encourage Facebook engagement. You can even customize the layout and style of your button.


Connect your Twitter account and add Twitter Follow and Tweet buttons to boost Twitter engagement. Choose your button style with a single click.


Easily connect your Pinterest account and place a Pin It button or Pinterest Follow button right on your website.

LinkedIn Card

Connect your LinkedIn account, and display your pertinent LinkedIn details on your website with a LinkedIn Card.

Facebook Messenger Chat

Add a chat window to allow visitors to live chat with your business right from your website! Connect your Facebook Page account and allow visitors and customers to communicate with you through Facebook messenger. Both you and your visitors can keep track of the conversation through FB messenger.

Third Party Elements

Google Maps

Add a Google Maps element right on your website so visitors never get lost! Input your address and allow visitors to see a map of your physical storefront or business location.

Google Translate

Make your website accessible to international visitors by adding text translation capabilities on your site. Translation is powered by Google Translate and supports 80 languages.

SoundCloud Player

You can share your SoundCloud playlist with your website visitors with the SoundCloud Playlist widget.


MailChimp is a robust email marketing management system. Connect or create a free MailChimp account, and easily add a newsletter signup form directly onto your website.

PayPal Donate

A PayPal donate button allows visitors to easily and securely donate to your website or cause. The trusted PayPal name earns trust, so visitors know that their donations can be readily received.

eBay Store

Add an up-to-date feed of your eBay listings right on your website. The feed will update itself so you can be sure that all your most-current listings will be displayed.

eBay Search

Allow visitors to search for eBay product listings right from your website, and make money every time a purchase is made! The eBay Search element will display items based on seller ID or a search term.

Get Files To Dropbox

Visitors can easily upload files to your Dropbox account - a great way to collaborate with other site members, or collect resumes, portfolio samples, and applications.

Appointment Booking

With the SetMore online scheduling element, visitors can book an appointment directly on your website and according to your availability.

OpenTable Reservations

Let visitors make a reservation for your restaurant right from your website. Don't miss out on potential diners with this convenient feature.

Custom HTML

Embedding anything into your website is as easy as copy and paste with the Custom HTML element. You can easily integrate third party widgets onto your website with this function.

Translate with Google

With a few clicks, easily convert text on site elements to any language. Perfect when you're looking to make multiple language versions of your web pages. Powered by Google Translate.

Google Spreadsheet

Connect a Google Spreadsheet to add a data table to your website.

Site Video & Audio


Post your engaging or educational videos right on your website. Your visitors won't have to download your files or open a separate media player to watch.

YouTube Player

With the YouTube player element, allow visitors to view videos right on your website, while keeping it stored on the most popular video sharing service.

Audio Files

Allow visitors to play audio files right from your website. Your visitors won't have to download your files or open a separate media player to listen.

Soundcloud Player

With the SoundCloud player, you can share your SoundCloud playlist with your website visitors.

Video Strip

Add a video as a background, or anywhere on your site. Use your own custom video, or choose from our library of stock videos!



Engage visitors and keep your website fresh and up-to-date with a full featured blog. Adding new posts and managing your content is easier than ever.

Simple Text Editor

Creating and customizing a blog entry is a no-brainer using the simple text editor interface.

Blog Excerpts

Enable blog excerpts to show summaries or teasers of your blog entries on your main blog page.

Blog Comments

Allow blog comments so you can engage with your site readers in a meaningful way.

Custom Labels

Customize your blog labels (e.g. Read More, Comments, etc.) and display them in your own language.

Social Media Sharing

Enable social media sharing to allow visitors to easily share your blog posts through Facebook and Twitter.

Latest Blog Entries

Add a blog feed element on your webpages to display your most-recent blog posts.

RSS Feed

Display a custom feed on your website using the RSS Feed element. This allows you to display news feed from an external source, such as your favorite news site, blog, etc.

Site Collaboration & Access

Password Protection

Need to make a webpage exclusive to certain viewers? You can password-protect your pages so that visitors will need to enter a specific password before accessing the page.


Add members and allow them to access members-only webpages through signing in. This feature is great for collaboration or for sharing exclusive information.

Staff Manager

Add and manage staff permissions so staff can access certain areas on your site. Allow different levels of access for managing your site design, contact forms, online store, and more.

Global Site Permissions

Control who can view your entire site. Set access levels for members, select member groups, or anyone with a password.

Page Permissions

Control who can access certain pages on your site. Set access levels for members, select members groups, or anyone with a password.

Member Groups

Create multiple member groups, and set different levels of permissions and access for different groups.


Beautiful Multilingual Layouts

Choose from templates that include multilingual capabilities and are designed with the best multiple language user experience in mind.

Easy Language Management

Create a multi-language website with ease! With just a few clicks, you can add languages, create custom language menus, and make unique pages to reach visitors around the world.

Add Languages

Easily add secondary languages to your website, and create translated or custom content to localize your site for different regions.

Custom Language Menus

Create custom site menus for each language, with support for over 180 languages.

Language Switcher

Allow visitors to quickly select the language in which they wish to view your website.

Clone Page

Duplicate your existing pages so you can easily translate and customize content for other languages, without having to start from scratch.

Custom Page Content

Don't just stop at translation - you can create pages with unique content, elements and styles to cater to diverse cultures and trends.

180+ Languages

Our multilingual editor supports over 180 languages - translate and add custom menus to cater to any audience!

Multilingual SEO

We have all the SEO tools you'll need to get your website found online. Reach a wider audience by customizing a variety of SEO settings, including language attributes.

Translate with Google

With a few clicks, easily convert text on site elements to any language. Perfect when you're looking to make multiple language versions of your web pages. Powered by Google Translate.

Online Store

Beautiful Store Layouts

Increase conversions with a beautiful online store design. Cleanly display your products, and enjoy easy categorization and navigation.

PayPal Payment Option

Accept all major credit cards for your ecommerce transactions by using one of the most trusted names, PayPal, as your PCI compliant payment gateway.

Stripe Payment Option

Process all major credit cards for your ecommerce transactions with Stripe, the payment gateway that is trusted around the world.

Square Payment Option

Allow customers to pay through Square, one of the fastest trending credit card processing systems. Accept all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.

Offline Payment

Enable offline payment to allow customers to pay for purchases outside of your website (e.g. in person upon delivery or pickup).

Show Discounts

Encourage customers to make a purchase by displaying a slashed regular price beside a discounted price.


Entice or reward customers by creating a coupon that shoppers can can apply to their order.


Highlight a specific product with your own custom text label, such as "Best Seller" or "New Arrival."

Product Visibility

Choose to hide a particular product from visitors by turning off visibility.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

With the Abandoned Cart recovery feature, you can send out an email to the customers who left their order before completing the transaction. Emails include a link back to the cart where they can complete the order.

Store Collection

Display your entire store collection and easily add products to your store.

Store Elements

Add individual store elements to highlight featured product or collections.

Staff Manager

Create individual accounts that your staff members can use to log into the web store admin. Set permissions and control which parts of the admin each member can access.

Internal Notes

You can write notes to leave reminders or quickly provide information about products for the rest of your team.

Flexible Tax & Currency Settings

You can set separate tax rules for different regions and process payments using various currencies.

Variable Shipping Options

Set up flat rate shipping for your store, or calculate shipping rates based on your products' weight and price.

Mobile Optimized Checkout

With a fully integrated shopping cart, you can start selling online right away. Your store checkout is mobile optimized, making it easy for customers to buy from you on any device.

No Transaction Fees

Unlike other online store platforms, we don't charge any commission or transaction fees for the sales you make!

Custom Sender Address for Order Emails

Display your custom domain as the sender when you send order/ notification emails from your site.

Curbside & In-Store Pickup Option

Set up curbside pickup and allow our system to send a notification when orders are ready.

Mobile Uploads

Use the staff portal to upload photos directly from your tablet or mobile device to the file manager.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of inventory for each product or option, and easily indicate when products are sold out.

Multilingual Checkout Languages

Add multiple languages for your checkout and invoice. Allow shoppers to select their preferred language for the entire checkout process.

Checkout On Your Domain

Maintain a consistent, fully branded experience by keeping the entire checkout process on your domain name.

Bulk Product Edit

Save time by editing multiple product settings at once.

Hide Product Prices

Hide product prices to create a product showcase, Coming Soon preview, or more.

Product Inquiry / Contact Form

Allow customers to submit a contact form to learn more about a product, request a quote, etc.

Terms of Service/Refund Web Pages

Automatically turn your Terms of Service and Refund policies into web pages. For a cleaner look, include a link to these web pages in order emails.

Customize Terms of Service Title

Choose a custom name for the legal agreements between the service provider (your online store) and your customers.

Customize Refund Title

Choose a custom name for your policies regarding refunds or exchanges for your online store.

Terms and Refund Content Custom Styling

Customize the content and font styling for your terms of service and refund policy.

Scheduled Orders

Allow customers to choose a preferred date and/or time for their pick-up or delivery.

Region Rules

Set shipping, pickup and tax rules for specific regions.


Beautiful Restaurant Layouts

Increase reservations with a beautiful restaurant design. With different layouts that perfectly reflect you - no matter how elegant, hip, or fresh your restaurant is.

OpenTable Integration

Easily integrate OpenTable on your website so customers can easily make an online reservation at anytime.

Flexible Currency Settings

Easily set your currency to display prices in the currency of your choice.


Add and manage dishes with ease. Build your menu with dish items, complete with fully customizable settings.

Add-On Options

Within your menu, you can easily include add-on options to dishes, like sides or toppings.

Multiple Menus

Easily create separate menus, such as Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner, to give customers a fully customized experience.

Dish Featured Images

You can choose to display a featured image with each dish to entice consumers and provide visual details.

Section Banner Images

Add a featured image for your sections to tempt potential diners, or add clarity to your menu.

Featured Menu Image

Captivate visitors with a beautiful featured menu image of your choice.

Size Options

Add size options for dishes, and easily set custom prices based on size.

Menu Sections

Categorize food items by sections (Appetizers, Entrees, etc.) so visitors can easily find what they're looking for.

Dish Collection

Save dishes so you can easily add a dish to multiple menus.

Share Sizes

For easy management, you can choose to set one size for all dishes within a section.

Mobile Optimized Menu

Easily create a mobile optimized version of your restaurant website to give the best site experience, and ensure you don't miss out on any potential visitors.

Restaurant Menu Collections

Display your overview of menus and add an entire collection to your website pages.

Restaurant Menu Element

Add individual restaurant menu elements to highlight featured menus. Add a restaurant menu to multiple pages, or feature a specific menu or menu collection.

Dish Image Placeholders

Choose to enable placeholder images for dishes without images.

Menu Visibility

Choose to hide a particular menu from visitors by turning off visibility. Perfect for managing seasonal menus, or menus that are not ready to be released to the public.

Menu PDFs

Create printable PDF versions of your menus, with different layouts and print settings to choose from.

Dish Icons

Add icons to your dishes to promote or highlight a particular feature, such as "Gluten Free," "Spicy," "Vegetarian," and more!

Print Links

Allow visitors to easily print your menus right from your website.

Restaurant Disclaimer

Add fineprint to keep diners informed of any allergy concerns, gratuity policies, menu item restrictions, and more.

Contact Forms

Easy Form Builder

Allow site visitors to contact you through a contact form! Choose a form layout, and easily customize. Your forms are automatically integrated into your site, so there are no code snippets to embed.


Protect your webforms against bots and prevent spam with Google ReCAPTCHA. Easily enable Google ReCAPTCHA on your forms to ensure that submissions are sent by real humans.

Email Notifications

In addition to reports that you can access from your account dashboard, you can also have send you an email notification every time new data is collected.

Data Management

Intuitive filtering controls allow you to easily sort and filter your contact form submission data.

Export Form Data

Easily view and keep records of your data by exporting your contact form submissions in PDF or CSV formats.

Domain & Email

Domain Name

Build your brand identity and increase your credibility with your own custom domain. The good news? Your custom domain name is included for free with all premium plans for the full term. Offer valid for: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .uk,,,, .us, .ca, .eu, .mobi, .me. Domain name costs are non-refundable.


Get professional emails @ your domain name to enhance your business reputation and brand identity.

Webmail Dashboard

Custom domain email accounts come with an email mailbox, and an easy dashboard to manage your inbox, storage, tasks, calendar, automated reply, and much more.

Custom Sender Address for Order Emails

Display your custom domain as the sender when you send order/ notification emails from your site.

SEO & Site Properties

Google Analytics

Enter your Google Analytics tracking code to track your website performance, traffic, and other crucial site statistics.


We have all the SEO tools you'll need to get your website found online. Easily add unique meta tags, heading tags for your text, and alt tags for your images to help Google categorize your site content.

Cookie Consent

You can choose to show a cookie consent popup to alert your visitors of the use of cookies on your site, and comply with the EU law on cookies.

Web Optimized Images

Easily enable the Web Optimized Images option to speed up the load time of your web pages. The feature automatically decreases your file sizes while keeping the optimal quality of your images on your site.

Site Hit Counter

Track and display visits on your web pages.

SSL Security

Protect your website data, online store transactions and webform entries with SSL certificates. Websites secured with SSL are marked with a secure lock icon in the browser, leading to increased visitor trust, search engine rankings and conversions.

Website Revisions

Automated Site Versioning

Multiple versions of your site will be saved throughout the editing process, when you publish or reset your site.

Site Version Creation

Choose to create a saved version of your site at any time.

Restore To Revision

Restore your site to a previously saved revision with just a click.

Site History

View, manage, and rename past versions of your site.

Help and Support

Search FAQ

Get help instantly by searching your query in the Search FAQ. Conveniently located right within the site editor, find answers as you build your site.


Our tours walk you through the editor so you know exactly how to find what you need to get started.

Youtube Tutorial Channel

Our video tutorials explain how to use features, demonstrate elements functions, or show you how to achieve the results you want. Just search for the video you need.

Award-Winning Support

Need the personalized touch? Our friendly team members are available to help you out through email, phone, or chat!

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