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Switching web hosts
You have made your decision to move your website from your current host to a new web host. But before you cut off services with your current host, you need to make sure:
  • Your new web host offers the storage capabilities to handle your current website storage requirements. If you are not sure how much space your website is using, ask your current host.
  • What operating system does your current host use? What operating system does your new host use? If your website is currently on a Windows server and your website uses ASP scripting, you will need to make sure your new host's operating system will support your website.
  • If your website uses FrontPage, find out if your new host supports FrontPage or offers FrontPage Extensions. Also, make sure your new host supports the same version of FrontPage you currently use.
  • Does your new web hosting plan give you the same amount of email accounts, autoresponders and mail forwards that you currently use?
  • If you are using any scripts on your website, make sure that your new hosting plan supports all of your scripts. Find out in advance if you'll need to make any modifications to your scripts to get them working on the new server.
  • Make sure to set up your existing email accounts on your new server before transferring your domain name to the new server. If needed, ask your new host to pre-activate your account services so that you can upload your web files prior to the transfer, as well, make sure your website looks and function properly on the new server.
After you're satisfied that your site looks ok and functions ok, you can then proceed with the nameservers modifications. If you don't know your new host's nameservers, ask them. Most hosts have that information listed somewhere on their website or in the email sent to you upon receiving your signup request.

Once the nameservers modification is completed, it'll be 24-48 hours before you'll see your site on the new server.