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Affiliate / Referral Programs

Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs are a means for hosting companies to increase sales. When you signup for an affiliate program, you become a 'seller' for that company. You earn a certain percentage of your sales.

Participating in an affiliate program has many benefits:
  • No up-front investments. Affiliate programs are generally free.
  • No need to create your own hosting packages or tools. Most hosting companies will provide you with an affiliate banner or link. All you need to do is setup that link on your own website. The link will direct your visitors to the hosting company's website.
  • No need to worry about technical support or sales processing. Everything is handled by the hosting company.
When choosing an affiliate program, pay attention to the payout schemes. Some hosting companies offer you a percentage of the sales, some offers a flat-rate payout, and some offers multi-tier payouts.

You should also think about if the hosting packages you are promoting is something you and your customers would buy. It's always better to promote for a hosting company that offers more competitive hosting services, even if your affiliate commission is lower, than one that offers high affiliate comissions but sub-par hosting services.