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Registering a Domain Name

Domain Name Transfer
There may be many reasons why you want to transfer your domain name registration from one registrar to another: pricing, domain management and administration, services, customer support, etc.

All domain name transfer requests must be initiated by the registrant or the Administrative Contact of the domain, and processed by the gaining registrar, the registrar whom you are transferring your domain to.

The gaining registrar is required to obtain expressed authorization from the registrant or the Administrative Contact of the domain name. A transfer can only proceed upon the receipt of confirmation of transfer. This confirmation of transfer can be a physical authorization process or an electronic process. Regardless of the process, the confirmation of transfer needs to be validated with the domain's "AuthInfo" code.

The domain "AuthInfo" code is a unique code generated on a per-domain basis and is used for authorization or confirmation of a transfer request.

The registrant can obtain the domain's "AuthInfo" code from the losing registrar (the registrar whom you are transferring the domain away from).

Before you proceed with a domain name transfer request, make sure:
  • The domain has been registered for at least 60 days with your current registrar. If you just recently registered or transferred your domain name, you will need to wait 60 days before applying for transfer.
  • The admin contact e-mail is valid, as this is where most registrars will send the confirmation of transfer and the domain "AuthInfo" code.
  • Domain name is not in protected/locked status.
  • Domain name is not in redemption status.
  • Domain name is not locked for either non-payment or at the owner's request.
  • Domain name is not currently in dispute.
  • Domain name has not been deleted.
If you have any questions about the domain transfer process or policy, you can contact your registrar or email ICANN at transfer-questions@icann.org.