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  • What are website templates?

    Templates are web designs that you can customize with your own content. Our design library has plenty of website templates for you to choose from. Whether you need a personal website, or one for your business, we have the perfect website template for you. Just choose the design you like and get started!

  • Can I change images and text on the templates?

    Our templates are completely customizable. Feel free to change the text, upload images, use free stock images from our library, modify colors, and even reformat the layout! Customize as much or as little as you like - regardless of design experience, you can achieve a beautiful and professional website.

  • As a former WordPress user, I've noticed that many premium themes required an additional purchase. Are there any extra charges to use templates with

    Most of our templates come free with all plans! Our in-house designers are continually adding fresh designs to the library, specifically for use with our site builder. Templates marked as "Premium" are included with all Elite plans and above. Feel free to explore different templates until you find one that you love.

  • Many Wordpress themes require security updates on a regular basis. Will I need to frequently update my templates or website for security with

    We take care of all the security updates for you! Plus, our proprietary templates are designed in-house, and are meant to be used exclusively with our site builder. This means we're able to oversee security updates, and no action is required on your end.

  • Is the site builder useful if I'm a web designer or advanced webmaster?

    Yes! Our site builder is extremely easy to use, but allows for a lot of flexibility. You can even add custom code elements if you like. Users can also design from scratch, rather than use a template. Our professional users love that our tools save them time and effort, while allowing them to design freely.

  • Can I create a mobile website?

    Absolutely! Our builder includes a mobile editor to allow you to optimize a mobile version of your website, so you don't miss out on any potential visitors.

    All templates come with mobile design. Once you've added your own content in the site builder, simply switch to the mobile view. You can adjust your site items to fit within the mobile view to ensure that your website will look amazing on smart devices.

  • Are there any restrictions for using images from your stock image library?

    Explore our royalty-free stock image library, included with all plans. We've purchased the rights for thousands of stock images, so that you don't have to! Use them freely on your website, without restrictions. Premium images are included with Elite plans and above.

  • Do I need to purchase an additional web hosting package to use your templates?

    Most of our templates come free with all plans, including free plans! All of our plans include hosting, so you can get online and be seen entirely for free. Templates marked as "Premium" are included with all Elite plans and above.

  • What if I can't find a template for my industry?

    While we have a diverse range of industry-specific templates, have no fear if you can't find one strictly for your business! All of our templates are completely customizable - so simply choose a template based on the overall look that you prefer. Once you add your own images and text, your website will fit your business like a glove.

    We also have a variety of blank templates that allow you to freely add your own content. We don't place limits on your creativity!

  • I've found a design that I like, but it doesn't include ecommerce or multilingual features! Can I still use it to build an online store or multilingual website?

    Not a problem! Our ecommerce store manager and our multilingual features can be used with any template. After choosing the design you like, you can seamlessly add these features in the site builder, even if the original template does not already incorporate them.