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Google Maps

Add a Google Maps element right on your website so visitors never get lost! Input your address and allow visitors to see a map of your physical storefront or business location.

Google Translate

Make your website accessible to international visitors by adding text translation capabilities on your site. Translation is powered by Google Translate and supports 80 languages.

SoundCloud Player

You can share your SoundCloud playlist with your website visitors with the SoundCloud Playlist widget.


MailChimp is a robust email marketing management system. Connect or create a free MailChimp account, and easily add a newsletter signup form directly onto your website.

Skype Button

Let your visitors get in touch with you through Skype with just one click. Visitors can easily make a voice call or send an instant chat message to you, right from your website, whether using a computer or a mobile device.

PayPal Donate

A PayPal donate button allows visitors to easily and securely donate to your website or cause. The trusted PayPal name earns trust, so visitors know that their donations can be readily received.

eBay Store

Add an up-to-date feed of your eBay listings right on your website. The feed will update itself so you can be sure that all your most-current listings will be displayed.

eBay Search

Allow visitors to search for eBay product listings right from your website, and make money every time a purchase is made! The eBay Search element will display items based on seller ID or a search term.

Get Files To Dropbox

Visitors can easily upload files to your Dropbox account - a great way to collaborate with other site members, or collect resumes, portfolio samples, and applications.

Appointment Booking

With the SetMore online scheduling element, visitors can book an appointment directly on your website and according to your availability.

OpenTable Reservations

Let visitors make a reservation for your restaurant right from your website. Don't miss out on potential diners with this convenient feature.

Custom HTML

Embedding anything into your website is as easy as copy and paste with the Custom HTML element. You can easily integrate third party widgets onto your website with this function.

Translate with Google

With a few clicks, easily convert text on site elements to any language. Perfect when you're looking to make multiple language versions of your web pages. Powered by Google Translate.

Google Spreadsheet

Connect a Google Spreadsheet to add a data table to your website.

* Feature availability are subject to your subscription plan.

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