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Beautiful Multilingual Layouts

Choose from templates that include multilingual capabilities and are designed with the best multiple language user experience in mind.

Easy Language Management

Create a multi-language website with ease! With just a few clicks, you can add languages, create custom language menus, and make unique pages to reach visitors around the world.

Add Languages

Easily add secondary languages to your website, and create translated or custom content to localize your site for different regions.

Custom Language Menus

Create custom site menus for each language, with support for over 180 languages.

Language Switcher

Allow visitors to quickly select the language in which they wish to view your website.

Clone Page

Duplicate your existing pages so you can easily translate and customize content for other languages, without having to start from scratch.

Custom Page Content

Don't just stop at translation - you can create pages with unique content, elements and styles to cater to diverse cultures and trends.

180+ Languages

Our multilingual editor supports over 180 languages - translate and add custom menus to cater to any audience!

Multilingual SEO

We have all the SEO tools you'll need to get your website found online. Reach a wider audience by customizing a variety of SEO settings, including language attributes.

Translate with Google

With a few clicks, easily convert text on site elements to any language. Perfect when you're looking to make multiple language versions of your web pages. Powered by Google Translate.

* Feature availability are subject to your subscription plan.

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