Easy Form Builder

The Website.com form builder is easy to use! Create and customize your forms by dragging and dropping new fields. Standard fields include: text boxes, drop-down boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, email, address, credit card, and more.

Your forms are automatically integrated into your website so there are no code snippets to copy and paste or embed.

Data Collection and Validation

You can make any field required and our system will check that requirements are met, for example email addresses are properly formatted.

Email Notification

Once your form is created, the database and validation scripts are automatically created to ensure data is correctly collected and stored for your management.

Website.com provides a number of ways for data notification and delivery. In addition to reports that you can access from your dashboard, you can also have Website.com send you an email notification every time new data is collected.

Data Management

Intuitive filtering controls allow you to easily sort and filter your data.
Our form builder also supports data export in CSV and PDF formats.
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