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Beautiful Restaurant Layouts

Increase reservations with a beautiful restaurant design. With different layouts that perfectly reflect you - no matter how elegant, hip, or fresh your restaurant is.

OpenTable Integration

Easily integrate OpenTable on your website so customers can easily make an online reservation at anytime.

Flexible Currency Settings

Easily set your currency to display prices in the currency of your choice.


Add and manage dishes with ease. Build your menu with dish items, complete with fully customizable settings.

Add-On Options

Within your menu, you can easily include add-on options to dishes, like sides or toppings.

Multiple Menus

Easily create separate menus, such as Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner, to give customers a fully customized experience.

Dish Featured Images

You can choose to display a featured image with each dish to entice consumers and provide visual details.

Section Banner Images

Add a featured image for your sections to tempt potential diners, or add clarity to your menu.

Featured Menu Image

Captivate visitors with a beautiful featured menu image of your choice.

Size Options

Add size options for dishes, and easily set custom prices based on size.

Menu Sections

Categorize food items by sections (Appetizers, Entrees, etc.) so visitors can easily find what they're looking for.

Dish Collection

Save dishes so you can easily add a dish to multiple menus.

Share Sizes

For easy management, you can choose to set one size for all dishes within a section.

Mobile Optimized Menu

Easily create a mobile optimized version of your restaurant website to give the best site experience, and ensure you don't miss out on any potential visitors.

Restaurant Menu Collections

Display your overview of menus and add an entire collection to your website pages.

Restaurant Menu Element

Add individual restaurant menu elements to highlight featured menus. Add a restaurant menu to multiple pages, or feature a specific menu or menu collection.

Dish Image Placeholders

Choose to enable placeholder images for dishes without images.

Menu Visibility

Choose to hide a particular menu from visitors by turning off visibility. Perfect for managing seasonal menus, or menus that are not ready to be released to the public.

Menu PDFs

Create printable PDF versions of your menus, with different layouts and print settings to choose from.

Dish Icons

Add icons to your dishes to promote or highlight a particular feature, such as "Gluten Free," "Spicy," "Vegetarian," and more!

Print Links

Allow visitors to easily print your menus right from your website.

Restaurant Disclaimer

Add fineprint to keep diners informed of any allergy concerns, gratuity policies, menu item restrictions, and more.

* Feature availability are subject to your subscription plan.

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