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Password Protection

Need to make a webpage exclusive to certain viewers? You can password-protect your pages so that visitors will need to enter a specific password before accessing the page.


Add members and allow them to access members-only webpages through signing in. This feature is great for collaboration or for sharing exclusive information.

Staff Manager

Add and manage staff permissions so staff can access certain areas on your site. Allow different levels of access for managing your site design, contact forms, online store, and more.

Global Site Permissions

Control who can view your entire site. Set access levels for members, select member groups, or anyone with a password.

Page Permissions

Control who can access certain pages on your site. Set access levels for members, select members groups, or anyone with a password.

Member Groups

Create multiple member groups, and set different levels of permissions and access for different groups.

* Feature availability are subject to your subscription plan.

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