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Explore available domain extensions:
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  • .org
  • .biz
  • .uk
  • .us
  • .ca *
  • .eu
* .CA domain name registrations are billed in CAD and are subject to applicable taxes.
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Domain Security Features
Free Domain Privacy Protection

Guard yourself from spam and fraud with WHOIS privacy, provided free for all eligible domains.

Free Domain Locking

Prevent domain theft or fraudulent domain transfers with domain locking, absolutely free with your domain.

How to get a domain name
  • 1.Choose a unique website name for your business or brand.
  • 2.Search for your chosen name to find the available extensions.
  • 3.Pick one or more available domain names.
  • 4.Register your selected domains with, or get a free domain name with all Premium plans.
  • 5.Check out and enjoy having a custom domain name!


  • What is domain name privacy?

    Also known as WHOIS privacy protection or privacy registration, domain name privacy conceals your personal details from the WHOIS database, which is publicly available. Typically, the WHOIS database displays the domain owner's name, mailing address, email, phone number, and more. When your personal details are exposed on the WHOIS database, it leaves you vulnerable to spam, identity theft or data breaches.

    At, we take security and privacy very seriously. Domain name providers typically charge an additional fee for domain privacy protection, but at, we include domain privacy protection for free with your domain name!

  • What is domain locking?

    Domain locking is a feature that helps prevent domain theft, hijacking or unauthorized transfers of your domain name. Domain locking protects ownership of your domain name, since you must unlock your domain first before it can be transferred. Domain locking comes free with all domain names from!

  • What is domain forwarding?

    Domain forwarding (AKA pointing or redirecting) allows you to redirect visitors who type in your domain name to another website of your choice.

  • What are the advantages of forwarding my domain?

    If you already own a website, you can register a new domain extension and forward it to your existing website. This is a great idea if you're rebranding your website name and don't have the time to rebuild an entirely new website for your new domain name. It is also a great practice to claim other website domains that are similar to brand name, or are common misspellings of your domain name, to ensure that visitors that type your domain name incorrectly are still directed to your website.

    You may also want to forward your domain name to your social media pages to boost your branding and professional image.

  • How do I get a domain name with

    There are 2 options to register a domain with

    Option 1) You can register a custom domain for only $20/year. Simply click here to start typing a domain name you want to proceed.

    Option 2) You can sign up with any one of our premium website subscription plans, starting at $3/month. With our website subscription plan, you will have access to our website builder to help you jumpstart your website. And most importantly, custom domain name is included FREE for the first year with all premium plans.

  • I already have a domain name, can I use it for my website?

    Yes! All Premium plans come with a custom domain name for free, but if you prefer, you are welcome to use one that you already own with your site builder plan, at no added cost! There are 2 options for using your own domain name:

    Option 1) You can keep your domain name with your existing domain registrar, and simply point the site built with the site builder to your preferred domain name (i.e. Connect Your Domain option).

    Option 2) Depending on your domain extension, you can transfer your domain to A transfer is included for free with a premium plan subscription. With this option, you will get one year of domain renewal for free with your subscription.

    Just contact our support team to ask about any of these options!

  • How do I get custom domain emails with Elite plans and above include your own free custom domain and professional emails at your domain name! Custom emails at your domain name enhance your business reputation and brand identity. They also allow customers to trust that your email and business is legitimate.

    Custom domain email accounts come with an email mailbox, and an easy dashboard to manage your inbox, storage, tasks, calendar, automated replies, and much more. also offers email hosting plans! Business Mail plans start at just $1/month. You will need to own a custom domain, but you can add domain registration through starting at $20/year.

    Click here to see how many custom emails accounts are included in your plan.

  • How do I use the website builder with a custom domain name?

    When you sign up for a premium site builder plan, you'll get a custom domain name at no additional cost! If you already have a free website builder account with, in the Member Zone, just click "Upgrade" to choose a premium website builder subscription plan and register your own professional domain name for free. Your website created with your free website builder account will automatically be connected to the domain name you've chosen during upgrade.

    If you have just registered a domain name with us without a website builder plan, you can click "Add a Website" in the Member Zone to start using our website builder service.

  • What is a domain extension?

    A domain extension, also known as a top-level domain or TLD, are the second part of your domain name, following the period in the web address. The most common domain extensions are .com, .net., .org and .biz.

  • Which domain name extensions are available to register?

    With, you can register a variety of domain extensions, including:

    Certain domain extensions are subject to additional requirements (for example you must have a contact address in the UK to be eligible for a .UK domain extension).